Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight

So the last day of this beautiful journey of three month with Amal academy came to end. These three month were like a dream we didn’t even realize the time passing and then the last session came but results were overwhelming. Yes it was someone who introduced me to real me(best version of myself).

Although every session is equally important to me but last session is more important because it was the essence of the whole three month journey to Amal academy that is all about positivity and taking adversity as opportunity and guest speaker talk which has great impact on my mind and showed me the path to my destination.


In this session i learn the most important lesson of my life that is be positive even when you are in the dark phase of your life. It will never let you down. Rather it will give you courage to deal with difficult situations. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. From session I learn that positivity is a choice , train your mind to see good in everything. You can’t find happy life, but You only need a positive mindset to make it.


This is also a very important lesson that I learned in the last session. It is said that “where victims see adversity ,extreme achievers see opportunity”. There is always a good chance for us in whatever situation arises good or bad. We can succeed if we take the difficult situation as opportunity.

Session helps me think about what i want to do going forward? What did I enjoy the most about this day ?

Although I learned a lot from this session but while talking about my favorite part of the session, is a speech by our guest speaker Amal CEO, Ali Siddique. I lost a lot of my confusion. His speech gave me a road map to my future goals that i can follow to fulfill my dreams.

During his address he also talked about challenges and difficulties which we have to face while fulfilling our dreams. And the best solution is to learn a lesson from these difficulties. Never be afraid of taking risk. Take risk, work hard and prove yourself.

What I learnt, I will use in future :

As it is said that “Develop a passion of learning, If you do ,you will never cease to grow.”

As through Amal fellowship program i learnt a lot of concepts and most important is “never stop learning” which is the major component for growth mindset. Beside from that I also learn to manage time which going to be very helpful in my future workplace (through priority matrix I am able to manage multiple task in a day),now I am able to work in team that I also show this in our mega project. Most important thing I learn is how I can do smart work to active my goal. Through this learning I believe that I will perform my best and will achieve what I dreamed for.

Thank You Amal Academy :)